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MARCO BOTTO WINERY and it’s philosophy

The Marco Botto Winery is located in Italy’s beautiful Monferrato wine growing countryside which in 2014 became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Marco’s grandfather Vasin started the family wine making business there in 1898, passing it on to his son Pietro, who subsequently handed it over to his son Marco and his wife Angela who are at the helm today.  Now in its third generation of family management, Marco and Angela maintain the great traditions of their forebears but with an eye to modern wine making techniques in order to produce world class wines from their 16 hectares of vineyard in the hills of Sala Monferrato.

Marco is meticulous, verging on indulgent, in the care of the winery’s vines, performing much of this very important work himself. To make great wine requires healthy vines that produce the highest quality grapes, the raw material which with human know-how and experience will undergo the amazing transformation into wine.

The earth gives “life to grapes” and man makes the fruit sublime

There are currently many types and classifications of wine on the market, from organic and biodynamic to natural and conventional. These are fine; however, at the Marco Botto Winery we believe strongly that other considerations are even more important:

  • The relationship between vine and territory
  • The recognition of the special characteristics that the grape imparts to the wine
  • The reduction to an essential minimum in the use of any treatments in the vineyard
  • The vinification of only healthy grapes in order to reduce the use of sulphites
  • The use of smart technology in the cellar in order to produce the highest quality wines

Marco and Angela are dedicated to improving and enriching the environmental resources currently under their care in order to leave a sustainable and valuable legacy to the next generation.  Their passion, dedication and knowledge has helped ensure that the fine wines produced by the Marco Botto Winery have been acknowledged with prestigious awards (Marengo d’Oro and Torchio d’Oro), providing confirmation of the success of their efforts.